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What is oxycontin?

oxycontinOxycontin is the brand name for an extremely powerful synthetic painkiller called oxycodone. It has strong euphoric effects and the potential to quickly become physically and psychologically addictive to those who misuse and abuse it. Often called oxy, OC, hillybilly heroin, and oxycotton, oxycontin is a narcotic that is prescribed medically for cancer patients and other chronic pain oxycontin addiction treatmentsufferers. Oxycontin is one of the most powerful and effective pain relievers available. Abusers of oxycontin, that is, people who use oxycontin for recreational rather than medical purposes, will often crush oxycontin tablets to counteract the time-release coating on the tablets, so that ingesting oxycontin creates an immediate feeling of euphoria. Oxycontin can be ingested orally, or dissolved in water and injected, or snorted up the nose.

What is oxycontin addiction? What should I do if I suffer from oxycontin addiction?

oxycontin side effectsOxycontin addiction is an illness, characterized by continued compulsive oxycontin use even as the oxycontin use causes harm. Many oxycontin addicts cannot stop using oxycontin without help, and will continue to use oxycontin even when wanting to stop. Although physical, mental, financial, and social consequences become worse, oxycontin addiction will keep an addict using the drug despite the consequences. Many oxycontin addicts choose addiction treatment as an effective way to stop active oxycontin addiction and begin recovery. Oxycontin Addiction Treatment offers an oxycontin addiction treatment program that may be right for you. If you are suffering from oxycontin abuse addiction, or if someone you know is addicted to oxycontin, we can help. Please call Oxycontin Addiction Treatment today at 888.866.6165.

What are oxycontin’s effects? How does oxycontin affect the mind and body?

oxycontin treatmentOxcontin affects the mind and the body. When used medically to treat pain, oxycontin’s intended effect is powerful and long-lasting pain relief. Oxcontin’s effect on the mind is a feeling that is pleasurable for people who like to “get high.” People use oxycontin recreationally because it can create a feeling of euphoria, comfort, and well-being. Effects are similar to heroin. Users fill a quick rush, and experience slower breathing and heartrate. These oxycontin effects can also have negative consequences, because oxycontin, like other opiate drugs, is extremely addictive. Another oxycontin effect is physical tolerance, meaning that larger and larger doses must be taken to achieve the same results. oxycotinLong-term users and abusers of oxycontin can become physically dependent on the drug, as the body and the mind adapt to oxycontin’s effects. A serious short-term effect of oxycontin is respiratory depression – breathing becomes slow and shallow, and less oxygen becomes available to the body’s vital organs. This is a serious risk for those who use oxycontin recreationally. Abusers of oxycontin, rather than taking the drug in pill form as indicated, will crush the pill in order to avoid its time-release mechanism. While this allows for a very quick and very intense high when the drug is then swallowed, injected, or snorted, it also dramatically increases the risk of overdose. One negative effect of oxycontin overdose is death.

What are some oxycontin side effects?

oxy side effectsOxycontin side effects can include physical dependence when oxycontin is used for a long period of time. Physical dependence is the condition in which an oxycontin user’s body will show negative effects when the oxycontin use is suddenly stopped. Another common oxycontin side effect is addiction, which can commonly occur to users of mind-altering drugs. A serious oxycontin side effect that can occur when the drug is used is death. Other, less dangerous oxycontin side effects are dizziness and confusion, shortness of breath, constipation, sweating, dry mouth, headache, and sedation.

OAT’s oxycontin addiction treatment program is designed to help people recover from the abuse of oxycontin, alcohol, and other drugs. Many people cannot recover from addiction to oxycontin without help. We can help people who suffer from addiction get started on the road to recovery. If you or someone you care about is abusing oxycontin and needs help, please call OAT today at 888.866.6165.


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