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What is oxycontin withdrawal? What are the withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin?

oxycontin withdrawal symptomsWhen a person becomes physically dependent on oxycontin, withdrawal happens when he or she stops using the drug. Though oxycontin withdrawal is rarely fatal, it is often a difficult process. This is why, at OAT, we encourage our clients to undergo the detoxification under our care, so that oxycontin dependent clients may rid their bodies of oxycontin with the support and supervision of professionals. One of the primary symptoms of oxycontin withdrawal is a powerful craving for the drug. OAT offers a safe and supportive environment and a staff that understands the difficulty of detoxification and withdrawal. Other oxycontin withdrawal symptoms include exhaustion, hot and cold sweats, nausea, coughing, inability to sleep, depression, and diarrhea. If you are trying to break your oxycontin habit, you don’t have to undergo withdrawal symptoms alone. OAT can help. Please call us at 888.866.6165.

About oxycontin addiction treatment

oxycontin addiction treatment Oxycontin addiction treatment is a desirable option for entering recovery, because many who suffer from oxycontin addiction need help. Though withdrawal from the drug is vital to beginning recovery from oxycontin addiction, there are many more important facets of oxycontin addiction treatment. For an oxycontin addicted person to be truly free of active oxycontin addiction, the entire psychological and social life of the suffering addict must be addressed. This sort of treatment can be very helpful, because addiction is social, psychological, and environmental as well as physical. The oxycontin addiction treatment program offered by OAT can make an enormous difference for those who truly want and need to recover from oxycontin addiction.

Oxycontin crush - What does “oxycontin crush” mean?

oxycontin crush“Oxycontin crush” is a term that refers to the practice crushing oxycontin tablets so that the drug can be snorted, swallowed, or injected. The reason that abusers of oxycontin will typically crush oxycontin tablets is that crushing the tablets circumvents the time-release function that the tablets’ coating provides. Oxycontin is designed to release a steady dose over time, which is effective for sufferers of chronic pain. Oxycontin abusers who seek an immediate, powerful, and euphoric high will crush oxycontin pills, because when oxycontin is crushed and ingested, the dose is delivered all at once rather than over time. Hence the term oxycontin crush.

Generic oxycontin

Generic oxycontinOxyContin is the brand name for oxycodone. Generic oxycontin is oxycodone, the active ingredient in oxycontin. Recent court rulings indicate that generic oxycontin, made by manufacturers other than the orginal manufacturer and patent-holder of oxycontin, may come on the market in the future. The active ingredient in oxycontin is an opiate and is extremely powerful pain killer. Oxycontin and generic oxycontin, while having legitimate medical uses, can also be abused. When used improperly, oxycontin can be very dangerous.

OAT's oxycontin addiction treatment program is designed to help people recover from the abuse of oxycontin, alcohol, and other drugs. Many people cannot recover from addiction to oxycontin without help. We can help people who suffer from addiction get started on the road to recovery. If you or someone you care about is abusing oxycontin and needs help, please call OAT today at 888.866.6165.


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